Sunday, 15 March 2009

Brighton Green Drinks, Thurs March 19th, 6.30 pm

Brighton Green Drinks
Is next on: Thurs March 19th, 6.30 pm

Upstairs at Earth and Stars pub, top of Church Road.

Come and enjoy an organic pint of Freedom with some like minded people, or network with local environmental workers over a large glass of vegan Sauvingnon... All welcome, especially those involved, interested, or working on environmental and sustainability related organisations in Brighton & Hove.

This is the second Green Drinks and we're hoping it will continue as a monthly occurance on the third Thursday of each month.

Please pass the info on to other people!

Church Road is just off Queens Road, near the Clock Tower, 5 minutes walk from Brighton Station.

Most Buses stop at Churchil Square, Queens Road or North Street, all close by.